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Flash Back

WHAT IF HISTORY WAS REWRITTEN and the US failed to develop the atomic bomb? Sam Reilly plunges into a mystery taking him back to another era. The time is 1942, the place is Chicago. In the midst of World War II, nations are racing to harness the power of the atom.

As a result of a mysterious flash drive planted in his apartment, Sam is abruptly reassigned to a project researching time travel. When the project director mysteriously disappears, US Army investigator Frank Marino is called in. He soon discovers a pattern of scientists who died or disappeared dating back to 1942.

Sam begins experiencing prophetic dreams revealing a dark assassin targeting key scientists. He and Frank, along with physicist Danielle Olsson team up in an attempt to unravel the puzzle. The elusive assassin remains one step ahead as world events deteriorate. With the world on the brink of war, the three are in a fight against time before China unleashes its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Travel back in time with Sam as he investigates a murder and is faced with a dilemma: should he save a life and risk altering the past, or allow a murder to occur and history remain unchanged?


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Extreme Peril

The second in the series.

STRANGE EVENTS ARE OCCURRING at a secret project involving time travel in New Mexico. US Army investigator Frank Marino gets an unexpected call from scientist Danielle Olsson. New missions are being planned to the future with unforeseen consequences. While there, Frank discovers disturbing news: the project director was contacted by a member of a secret society that is threatening the project.

While on assignment in Germany, Frank digs deeper into the secret society. He suspects they are masterminding a plot to release a deadly virus and create a new world order. With the help of Sam Reilly and Danielle, they discover several recent missions to the future could be connected to the expanding global pandemic.

As the deadly disease spreads across the globe, a treatment remains elusive. Sam travels to the future in an attempt to obtain a cure while Frank discovers one government has a vaccine but is withholding it. Tensions rise as the three attempt to unravel the conspiracy and obtain a cure before millions die.



The third and final book in the series. Coming in 2021!

PHYSICISTS THINK DARK ENERGY WILL ONE DAY RIP APART ALL MATTER, including the timespace fabric, causing the end of our universe. Sam and Danielle are reunited, but will there be time?